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Estate Planning and Probate

Rhode Island Estate Planning Attorneys

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At Blais Cunningham & Crowe Chester, LLP, our lawyers provide sound, practical counsel designed to help our clients achieve their goals under the laws of Rhode Island. As estate planning attorneys, we find ourselves helping young couples plan for the responsibilities of parenthood, helping families work out plans for the care of the elderly, and visiting clients in their homes to discuss their hopes for their children. In no part of our practice do we feel more closely connected to the communities we serve. If you would like to discuss your estate plan or our probate services with an attorney, please contact our Pawtucket office.

Estate planning: a gift to your loved ones

Through the instruments of estate planning, including wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, and living wills, you have the opportunity to give your family members, health care providers, and the court clear direction regarding the administration of your assets and personal property, your health care, and appointment of a guardian for your minor children in the event of your death or incapacitation.

A modest investment now can provide great comfort for your loved ones in the event of your disability or death. Below are brief descriptions of some of our estate planning and probate services. If you would like to meet with one of our lawyers, please call 401-723-1122 or e-mail our Pawtucket, Rhode Island, office to make arrangements.

  • Wills: A will directs the appointment of a guardian for minor children, appointment of a personal representative/executor, and distribution of assets and personal property.
  • Trusts: Some estates warrant trusts. Revocable trusts (living trusts), irrevocable trusts, charitable remainder trusts, special needs trusts, and others offer a variety of benefits: avoidance of taxes, efficient conversion of assets, privacy, and minimized probate expenses.
  • Durable power of attorney for health care: This allows you to appoint a person who will make decisions regarding your health care if you are unable to make them for yourself.
  • Living Wills: A living will, sometimes called an advance directive, gives your physician instructions regarding life-sustaining measures if you become terminally ill.
  • Power of Attorney: A power of attorney allows you to appoint a representative to manage your finances and affairs.
  • Probate: Our lawyers assist personal representatives in the administration of estates.
  • Guardianships: We will help you establish the instruments that appoint a guardian who is responsible for ensuring the care of an incapacitated family member or minor children.
  • Elder law: Elder planning is often used to refer to the establishment of trusts, transfer of property, and other preparation for Medicaid eligibility.
  • Will and trust contests: When the terms of a will or trust are not clear or are being interpreted incorrectly, our litigators provide vigorous representation on behalf of our clients with interests in an estate.

We welcome inquiries from out-of-state individuals at our Rhode Island estate planning practice. Please call 401-723-1122 or e-mail our office to speak with one of our lawyers.

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